Thursday, March 31, 2016

Los Angeles Sewer Repair & Replacement Guide: What You Should Know!

A Sewer Line Can Become Clogged

When your toilet and all sinks start to back up at the same time, it usually means your sewer line has become clogged. Regardless of the cause of the blockage, it will have to be cleared. So you call in a professional Sewer Line Contractor in Los Angeles, or a Plumber who inserts a video camera into the line and locates and identifies the cause of the problem.

If the blockage is located less than 100 feet into the line, it might be removed with an auguring/cabling device, also known as a plumber’s “snake”. But these cabling devices usually don’t have cables longer than 100 feet, so you then have to use a hydro-jet machine.
 These machines develop a very powerful jet of water which literally blasts away even the most stubborn obstruction. 

When the plumber believes he has removed the blockage, he will then camera the line again to make sure the obstruction has been removed. Sometimes a second pass is needed with the hydro-jet to completely remove the blockage.

Camera the line after hydro jetting
Hydrojetman, Los Angeles, CA

Once the blockage has been removed, the video camera will then show the plumber more details about the condition of the sewer line. That’s when he will be able to see if there is anything structurally wrong with the sewer line.